MEVAG was established in 1920 and incorporated later in 1965.

Our company who was active in the metal machining sector for many years , as of 1977 started supplying metal working fluids and industrial lubricants to the industry in cooperation with globally experienced companies. Since 2000 , as a result of developments in inhouse R&D activities today almost 100 MEVAG branded products have been presented to the market.

All the products we manufacture in our İzmir-Kemalpasa facilities meet AB legislation , REACH and GADSL regulations as well as the special standarts of international companies such as RENAULT , BOSCH and FORD.

MEVAG’s customer profile ranges from small and medium sized businesses to global companies.

Total customer satisfaction comes first for MEVAG no matter the size of our clients.

We are proud to be in the service of our customers with almost 40 years of experience in the metal working fluids and industrial lubricants sector.

Our Mission
To follow most developed, current standards in the world and manufacture quality products that conform or surpass these standards .

Without making any distinction between big and small, to provide the best support and service to our customers, if necessary also by training their employees, so that they can benefit the most from the usage of our products.

To be outstanding by our quality, reliability and knowledge.

To follow developments in the world and customers needs and be able to adapt to changes and developments. To respect all moral, national and commercial values in everything we do. To hold human and environmental factors in front of commercial goals. To defend always what we think is right.

To aim not to make mistakes in our undertakings.

To be aware that the success of our company and attaining of our goals is only possible by team work and act always with a team spirit.

To endeveaur that our company operates according to prevailing optimum management principles.

To improve our employees and shareholders’ prosperity paralell to the development of our business.

To be an establishment that contributes to the economy of the country.
Our Vision
To be an establishment that closely follows developments and changes in the world in multiple ways and develops its own technology or develops existing technologies or contributes to the development of new technologies.

To give utmost importance to research and development activities, to attain this goal by preparing the foundation, to do this and continously improve it. To develop technologies that are more environmentally friendly and increase the usage of natural raw materials.

To be innovative and creative in our activities. To present innovative products to the market.

When opportunities arise, to venture into new fields, related or not related to our present business line, but in which we can contribute to the technology.

To turn our company into an establishment that will have world wide respect with regards its technology and management style.

To always strive to be better in every subject.
Environment, Health & Safety
By simultaneously following technological innovations around the world in the mineral oil and especially metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and industrial cleaner sectors, with our modern highly educated personnel and management team we pledge;

To meet our customer’s needs and expectations in accordance with integrated management standards of quality, environment and health & safety,

Not to harm the ecological balance through our company’s activities,

To avoid environmental pollution which might arise due to our activities,

To minimize our waste at its source, if possible to reuse and recycle and to dispose of the non reuseable waste according to adequate procedures,

To ensure efficient usage of our energy, raw materials and natural resources,

To follow carefully the risks related to occupational health & safety, and to strive to minimize them,

To adhere to our customer’s Quality, Environment and Health & Safety standards,

To protect our employees and customers from adverse health effects that may occur due to our activities and to take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and third parties from any damage, accident or danger by taking necessary preventive steps at the starting point,

To expand our employees consciousness of the integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety System and make it a philosophy of life,

To contribute to the expantion of the consciousness of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety of all parties involved,

To comply with our legal obligations and conform to prevailing regulations of Quality, Environment and Health & Safety as well as the terms of the institutions we are part of,

To continuously develop and improve our integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety System,

To optimize and adapt the philosophy of continuous improvement of the proccesses of our integrated Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety System, to internalize it to all our employees and thus increase our market share, profitability and competitiveness.