Filtration Media - PGI
Non Woven Coolant Liquid Filtration

PGI Industrial Division is a well known European filtering media manufacturer for filtering coolants.

We supply also special filters in various filter groups and present to the market under the MEVAG brandname.

Filter media in our range is as below:

Mevag 100% Viscose filters
Mevag Viscose + Polyester mixed filters
Mevag 100% Polyester filters
Mevag 100% Polypropylene filters

Standart width and lenght of the filter rolls are as below:
Mevag 50, 70, 100, 150, 180 cm widths
Mevag 100, 250, 500 m lenghts
Mevag Various material qualities between 15 gr/m2 - 150 gr/m2

All filter rolls have a core diameter of 70 mm and are prepared in different widths and lenghts according to customer needs.

The most suitable filter material is recommended after evaluation of the available filtering equipment, the target particle size and type of the fluid to be filtered.

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