Water miscible Metalworking Fluids - SENTRA, ESTRA, ALUFER
Our goal is to increase your productivity and reduce your total costs by acting as your partner rather than supplier. Improving health and environmental factors is always our top priority.

Our new generation products bring together top level health and environmental factors and high machining performance to create reliable solutions.

We offer products for all type of metals and for all kind of operations ranging from light to heavy duty machining and grinding.

Mevag SENTRA Full synthetic grinding fluids

Mevag SENTRA Neo synthetic machining / grinding fluids

Mevag ESTRA Semi synthetic microemulsion type machining / grinding fluids

Mevag ALUFER Emulsion type machining / grinding fluids

Please see Industrial Cleaners for cleaning applications after machining and grinding operations and see Corrosion Preventives for corrosion protection
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