Tube Production Fluids - TUBESTAR
Our new generation neo synthetic fluids which replace conventional semi synthetic fluids in the manufacturing of tubes and profiles are supported with special synthetic lubricants, have strong corrosion control, high operational cleanliness and very long sump life.

Our biostatic fluids are exceptionally resistant to bacteria and fungi formation.

Our neo synthetic fluids can reduce your total costs due to their strong corrosion control, long sump life and low consumption.

Mevag Neo synthetic hydrostatic testing fluids

Mevag Neo synthetic fluids for welded tube & pipe production

Mevag Neo synthetic fluids for heavy duty operations such as sawing, chamfering, gear cutting

See Forming Oils for operations like tube and profile drawing.
Our special water miscible hydrocarbons Corrosion Preventives offer superior corrosion control and low total cost.
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