Neat Cutting Oils - FORTA
Our neat cutting oils meet the PCA < 3% norm according to IP346 standard.

Low quality mineral oils which do not meet the PCA < 3% norm, contain polycyclic aromatic substances that pose serious health hazards.

In our wide portfolio you can find neat cutting oils for all your needs ranging from honing to grinding, from general machining to deep hole drilling, from gear cutting to broaching.

Our products have high cutting performance and oxidation stability and low smoke/mist formation property.

Mevag Honing / grinding oils

Mevag High performance grinding oils

Mevag High performance oils for sharpening and grinding of tungsten carbide tools

Mevag Deep hole drilling oils

Mevag Neat oils for gear cutting, threading and similar operations

Mevag High performance vertical and horizontal broaching oils

See Industrial Cleaners for cleaning applications after machining and grinding operations.
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